Slayer Steam LP (2-Group / 3-Group)


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Product Description

The barista’s dream machine.

A dream come true for those seeking incredible control and accuracy through pressure profiling and repeatability functions. Easily extract delicious espresso every time with programmable pre-infusion, post-infusion, and volumetric output settings.

You’ll experience the best of both worlds with the LP’s ability to work in both manual and volumetric modes. This incredibly intuitive machine can automatically record your settings while you make a coffee, making it easy to make the same great shot all day.

The perfect tool to maximize your coffee experience on every level is here!


Essential Features

  • Pre-Infusion: 1—10 seconds. Internal regulator allows for 1—3 bars of pressure for a soft pre- infusion.
  • Quick Calibration: Manually dial in your coffee while your settings are being recorded and easily save to automated volumetric output aka “record and playback”.
  • Group Paddle Actuators: 2 volumetric settings per group
  • Toggle brewing between a regulated low- pressure and pump pressure
  • PID controlled independent brew boilers
  • Shot lights to illuminate your extraction
  • Electronic solenoid steam valves for extreme responsiveness, durability & efficiency
  • Easy Automated Backflush Settings
  • Heads-up Barista DashboardTM per grouphead
  • Massive, adjustable drip tray lets you easily manage shot times, boiler temperatures and more
  • Wing channels to hide hoses and wires







35 inch / 89 cm

44.5 inch / 113 cm


28 inch / 71 cm

28 inch / 71 cm


17 inch / 43.2 cm

17 inch / 43.2 cm

Weight (tanks filled)

220 lbs / 100 kg

305 lbs / 139 kg

Brew Tanks

1.7 L, 600 W

1.7 L, 600 W

Steam tank

7.4 L, 3,500 W

12 L, 4,500 W

Single-phase power

220-240V, 50/60 Hz; 26 A; 4.7 - 5.6 kW

220-240V, 50/60 Hz; 35 A; 6.3 - 7.5 kW

Three-phase power (optional)

380-415 V3N, 50/60 Hz; 17 A; 4.9 - 5.7 kW

380-415 V3N, 50/60 Hz; 22 A; 5.8 - 6.5 kW


Alternative Finish Options

Slayer Steam is also available in a different set of aesthetic options, including sapele wood actuator handles, a polished chrome frame and your choice of available body colours: Bone Beige, Glossy White, Turquoise Blue, and Matte Black.