Espresso Blend Drip Bag (Box of 10)

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Palm sugar, cacao lime acidity, dry date, hint of floral
Acidity 3/5, Body 4/5, Sweetness 4/5

Tanamera Drip Bag

1. Tear open the drip bag.

2. Place the hangers over the cup.

3. Pour hot water. Wait 30 seconds, and then pour again.

4. Remove the drip bag.

5. Ready to sip! (Careful, it is hot!)

Making its way to your cup at home, our signature blend of pure arabica coffee is made with beans from all over Indonesia. For your fast-paced lifestyle needs, our Espresso Blend will certainly keep you lively. Savour its flavourful blend of palm sugar, cacao, lime acidity, dry dates, and hints of floral taste for your dose of pick-me-up. A great companion for traveling or when you are in need of a quick caffeine fix, our coffee drip is a quick and easy way to enjoy Indonesia’s finest coffee without having to settle for less. No fancy equipment needed; just a simple cup of hot water to enjoy the rich aroma and smooth taste of Tanamera Coffee.



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